al_datr (al_datr) wrote in world_of_tanks,


С оффорума, со ссылкой на буржуинский оффорум:

"Между прочим, вот что ответили разрабы на то предложение:

That's why before making any changes we think twice. The current US tech tree is not perfect, especially this aplies to top heavy line from T-29 to T-30. Some of the suggestions posted in this thread are very likely to be implemented in future as well as some of our own ideas.

All 3 current tech tress are going to modified and improved, the changes affect vehicle tier, type, specs etc, moreover some completely new models are going to be added. US tree will undergo the most substantial changes.

Can't reveal much at the moment, apart form the following:

- Super Pershing. Might be added as a separate tank or as a set of upgrades for Pershing itself.
- M103. Likely to be added.
- T58, M47, M48. Have some ideas on them.

Тоесть скорее всего они таки добавят М103. "

Что радует. 
Особенно Т58 хочу. ;)

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