al_datr (al_datr) wrote in world_of_tanks,

Нерф амеров

Storm: "T-29 и Т-32 будем резать по ТТХ. "

Резать будут в патче, патч - после чампа.
Что именно порежут?
Есть такая инфа:

"Вот что пишет Overlord о нерфе американских ТТ:

At the moment US heavies tier 7-10 have 120% armor. The values displayed in game are correct but apart from that heavies have 20% bonus of additional armor.
It is bug, that is going to be fixed in 0.6.2. Some players have already noticed the distortion between the diplayed armor values and penetration test results for T 28/29/32/34.
No other nerf is planned for T-30 and T-34. As for T-32 and T-29, some minor adjustments are possible, like decrease in traverse speed and turret rotation. At the moment these two outclass both IS3 and KT."


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