Павел Чекан (Brenwen) wrote in world_of_tanks,
Павел Чекан

Про моддинг (сперто с us-форума)

Vallter: All that is packed and hidden in the game client (tracers, for example) is forbidden for modding. Because modification of this files will break your client now.
The major part of files that are not packed and can be accessed without usage of any special software can be modified (tank emblems, skins, minimap etc.).
We totally support modding, once it is done to make player's gameplay more comfortable. If they want pink tanks, for example, why should we forbid it? -) But we will always against the following two ways of modding:
- Modding to receive any in-game advantages.
- Mods for sale.
Also sometimes we reward the modders in different ways. We plan even to purchase rights for Over Target Markers Mod and make it official.
Unfortunately, we have another things to do besides the tools for fankits. But we have them in mind

Бобры, выдыхаем, улыбаемся и машем!

Для невладеющих нерусским:
1. все, что не запаковано и не зашито в клиент, можно будет моддить (скины, иконки, миникарта и т.п.).
2. ОТМ планируют выкупить и сделать официальным.

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