Seyzuro (seyzuro) wrote in world_of_tanks,

Где-то я уже это видел :)

"Malinovka should be removed. Its just boring with campy play and when there are more then 2 arty pieces on the enemy team you just get shot to death without nowhere to hide.Its just ridiculous."

"Hey Guys, im playing for some days now, and the game looks really good and fun.
And im really excited about the features that are announced.
Theres only ONE major thing that is really DISTURBING me.
To see german and russian tanks fighting together...that destroys any kind of realism for me!
Why is this so, for balancing only? I would take some waiting time for the match if i could
just fight with not mixed teams."

Языки разные - а люди теже самые :)
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