true_poser (true_poser) wrote in world_of_tanks,

Про платный бета-тест

Есть у нас категория граждан, которые истово веруют, что только в этой стране(tm) может просходить платный бета-тест, в то время как на Благословенный Запад идут уже проверенные версии, ибо КВГ погонят оттуда ссаными палками - цивилизация-с.

Вычитал на православном rockpapershotgun в камментах про релиз Deus Ex, который в штатах сегодня, а в Британии - только в пятницу:

On the 4 day release delay:
I work for a big software company and we recently released an updated version of one of our email security products. The release in Europe, Asia, and….Canada? was delayed by two weeks. Normally this isn’t a big issue for us but allot of our customers are international and this caused allot of issues for the early adopters that wanted to deploy it to all there centers internationally at once.
Since I was so blown away by the delay to Canada (were in the states) I asked my boss. The response I was given was that it was to “Pressure test” our software before it is released into other “less forgiving” markets. Apparently Americans are commonly used at “Post Release beta testers” because we are far more accepting of crap products.
So if you feel bad about getting to play games later it is just because no one wants to send you partially tested crap…cause you like…dont like that. hehe

Вот такой вот интересный взгляд с той стороны, однако.
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