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А вы знали, что самые ярые немцефилы живут в США?

Достаточно зайти в блог Оверлорда (мэрыканьскый шторм) и почитать каменты к посту "World of Tanks v.6.5 - 6.6 Patch Notes"

russkies must always win...

Do you really think that is 7 is not better? :/ Why did you nerfed tanks? Was there any "russian tanks negative" feed back from russkies community?

If you ever considered playing the E series don't spend a cent on it. It doesn't worth the money.

WG thumbs down... test 3 is just a joke in balance. You fail

Ruskie for win. I vote for soft wipe. I buy IS-7 and all will be ok.

uninstalling wot tonight ... its more a joke then a game ... it was rly nice and fun to play ... but known imbalances (is4 and t54 since 4 month) will not be changed and new tanks are not more than a joke ... a rly bad joke ...

i respect your patriotism of your native tanks and you want them to be best in game. but this is MMO game and you should consider balancing them so every nation player should be happy :)

и много другого вкусненького)

Зря варгейминг отказался от идеи разного баланса на разных серверах. Бггг.
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