Oleg (oll123) wrote in world_of_tanks,

Я возмущен !

Прилетела почта на еврофоруме, прочитал - и обалдел.

Admin has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "World of Tanks unified all-resources account switchover".

Admin said:
Dear User!

The World of Tanks development team draws your attention to the fact that your game account nickname does not match your official forum account nickname.

Willing to improve and integrate the services provided by Wargaming.net we would like to inform you that your forum account will be deleted by July 20th 2011 unless it is unified with your game account, i.e. game account and forum account nicknames have to be the same.

To prevent your forum account being deleted, please contact User Support Service: https://support.worldoftanks.com/.

In your message you must provide your current game account nickname and login and your forum account nickname and login which will be deleted after July 20th 2011.

A unified account will simplify using the web-site and will allow you to use all the necessary services quickly and efficiently.

Best Regards,

World of Tanks Development Team

Для тех кто не шпрехает, суть в том что они сотрут к херам мой евро-форумный акк в силу того, что он мол с игровым не совпадает, или надо доказывать что я не верблюд.

Че за бред ?! Это кому в голову такая гениальность пришла ?! Беспредел !
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